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We offer temporary and permanent services for medical professionals, providing access to one of the largest networks of qualified travel, per diem, and permanent healthcare placement networks in the world.

Whether you want to travel and see the places you’ve always dreamed of visiting or are looking to settle down, we can match your level of job experience to open positions in the locations that interest you!

We specialize in the following nursing and allied health professional placements:

  • Registered Nurses
  • Licensed Practical Nurses
  • Physical & Occupational Therapists
  • Respiratory Therapists
  • Speech & Language Therapists
  • Pharmacists & Pharmacy Techs
  • Imaging
  • Laboratory

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The Procare USA Difference

You and your career come first — we’re here to help you reach your personal and professional goals.

Whether you want to travel the country, put down roots somewhere with a staff job, or find local contracts and per diem shifts close to home, our team at Procare USA can not only support your career goals but be the key to achieving them.

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“Keep it up Procare, your model of personalized recruiting with each nurse limits mistakes and makes everyone’s job more effective and efficient! I worked through the Pandemic in a very hard-hit area. My recruiter not only fully managed all aspects of my contract, but she also supported me as a nurse and a person. Procare feels like I am with a team of professionals who facilitate my desire to be the best nurse possible. To feel valued and respected enables us to fly high and do what we are meant to do and I will forever be grateful to be a part of Procare.”

“I love working with Procare USA. My recruiter, Phyllis, is outstanding! During the summer seasons, when travel contracts are harder to come by, Phyllis makes sure to assist me with per diem jobs at local hospitals. The compliance department keeps me up to date with facilities and their expectations. I’ve worked with numerous companies over the years – Procare USA is by far my favorite.”

“Procare has supported me through difficult family times where I needed to find the right work situation to match my inconsistent availabilities as I attended to my emergent family needs. My recruiter Phyllis has been with me since day one at Procare and I’ve admired how professional and genuinely compassionate she is to her nurses. She’s taken care of some of my best friends and I’ve heard nothing but compliments and positive feedback about working with her. Personally I recommend Procare USA because of the transparency and trust that I’ve build with multiple team members.”

“I would absolutely recommend Procare USA. My recruiter, Sandy, answers her phone whether call or text, and she gets things done right away!”

“The team at Procare USA is quick and efficient, and they always find out ways to fulfill my requests to help me be more prepared for assignments. My recruiter is quick to submit to opportunities so I have a better chance to lock in the assignment.”

“I have had an excellent experience working with this agency. The team is very prompt in responding to my emails. There were times when I would forget to clock out after a long stressful day. I would email payroll and my recruiter, file some paperwork, but I’d still get my paycheck on time. That meant a lot!”

“Procare is very personable and responsive. I’ve worked with many other agencies, and by far Procare has the best staff – always available and helpful. Whether its my recruiter, shout out to Anthony who is superb, compliance, or payroll – they always fix any issues/concerns you’re having right away.”

Healthcare Staffing Solutions

We specialize in the recruiting and placing of dedicated medical professionals to improve the quality of patient care.

Taking the time, effort, and money needed to find qualified job candidates out of your hands and into ours means your team can focus on what counts — providing exceptional healthcare with a staff that supports your mission.

Let Procare USA connect you with qualified candidates today!

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