Pay & Benefits for Health Care Professionals

Procare USA provides our nurses and allied health professionals with the generous benefits and personalized services you deserve. We understand that medical professionals are the world’s greatest asset, which is why we offer competitive compensation, as well as bonus programs, so that you receive the support you need and very well deserve on each and every assignment.

Procare USA Benefits and Advantages

Medical, Dental & Vision

A comprehensive medical, dental and vision plan that begins on your first day. You also have the option to add a spouse and/or dependents to your plan!

401k with Company Match

Competitive 401(k) plans with additional Company Match contributions of your choosing.

Weekly Pay with Direct Deposit

A full payroll team manages your weekly pay, making sure you are always paid accurately and on time.

Tax Advantage Program

Learn how you can apply for certain tax advantages, empowering yourself to optimize your income.

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Referral Bonus Program

Refer medical staff or new clients and receive a significant bonus as part of our referral program.

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Free CEUs available!

Earn your Continuing Education Unit credits with Procare USA. We put you on the path you choose, preparing you with real professional medical experience.

License Reimbursement

Procare USA will work with you so that the cost to renew your medical license will be reimbursed.

Certification Reimbursement

Working on your recertification? At Procare USA, certification costs are reimbursed so that you pay nothing.

Dedicated Medical Recruiter

Receive your own personalized and dedicated medical recruiter who will find you the right position for the next step in your career path.

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24 Hour Office Support

Our support team is available 24-hours a day to handle any issue that arises. Contact us at your convenience. We’re always here.

Loyalty Bonuses

Love working with Procare USA? Earn Loyalty Bonuses for your continued time and efforts.

We’re In Your Corner Providing an Excellent Team Who Supports Your Goals

In addition to your own recruiter, Procare USA connects you with our team of personalized experts to help you navigate each aspect of your assignment and your career. Handling housing, pay, compliance, and overall experience so that you don’t have to, our expert team will support you through each and every step of your travel journey.

Your Recruitment Team

Your Procare USA Recruiter will put your personal and professional goals first.

At Procare USA, we know that details matter. Our recruiters listen closest to your goals so that we can help you make the most of every job opportunity. Whether you want to be close to family or friends, or want to work exclusively in world-class hospitals, gaining experiences that look excellent on your resume, we can help you find the job that will support those goals. 

Your recruiter will negotiate the best compensation package possible, while still ensuring you have the amenities you need. At Procare USA, your priorities always come first and we offer flexible solutions to ensure you’re satisfied with your paycheck.

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Payroll Team

Imagine making enough to support your lifestyle goals, and more.

We know you work hard and deserve to be paid on time and accurately. That’s why at Procare USA, an entire team of payroll specialists are dedicated to ensuring you are paid correctly each and every week, proactively reaching out to be sure that your hours are correct upon submission. If you have any questions about your paycheck, overtime, timesheet or anything at all related to your pay, out Payroll Team is here to help.

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Housing Team

Looking for the perfect home?

Take a house stipend and do it yourself: Some travel nurses are experts at finding housing online. Some prefer living in an RV so they can bring their housing with them wherever they go. The choice is yours.
Traveling with pets? Just let your recruiter know so our housing team can ensure you and your furry friends find the perfect spot.

Tax Compliance Specialists & Tax Advantage Program

Tax rules are complicated, but we are there for you every step of the way.

Your support team works closely with you to make travel nurse taxes easier to navigate, ensuring you receive the maximum legal tax benefit while staying in full compliance with IRS regulations.

You Have 24/7 Support

Our travel nurses receive a 24-hour emergency contact number so you can reach us anytime! No one wants an emergency, but we will always be here and ready to help if you experience one.

Procare USA
Culture & Values

At Procare USA, we believe the best way to make patients happy is to make our medical professionals happy. Through a culture of giving back and employee happiness, Procare USA seeks to find the best possible solution for every employee no matter where your career takes you.

We believe in giving back

At Procare, we are a team! So when our company does well, so do our staff. Through a wide variety of bonus programs and more, Procare USA gives back to our employees.

We believe in having fun

It’s okay to have fun at work. In fact, it’s healthy! We believe that happy employees equate to happier patients.

There's always a better way

We believe there is always a better way to accomplish a goal and we strive to find the best way in every aspect of how we operate.

No two solutions are the same

In healthcare, no two solutions are ever going to be exactly the same. We believe every patient requires unique treatment and we position our employees to best provide the best possible solution.

You Can Earn Great Bonuses!

Referral Bonus Program

To participate, please refer a friend, colleague or acquaintance directly through your recruiter or this form.

If the referral candidate takes an assignment with Procare USA, you BOTH get paid once the first assignment is complete. $1,000 per travel referral ($250 for per diem referral) with no limits on how many contacts you can refer.

Furthermore, your referred candidate will receive $500 ($250 for per diem) when they’re placed and complete their first assignment.

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